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If you’re rich now, PAP policies will ask you to provide more.

This blog has been created to discuss ideas designed to improve the lives of Americans.  It will discuss issues and events of importance to our country.   It will also discuss the creation of the Pro American Party, a party whose goal is to fight for everyday citizens.  Our party sees value in all our citizens, so one of our primary goals is to foster policies that will include everyone and increase American unity.   We reject the idea that protecting one segment of society at the expense of another is good policy.

The focus of this party is on economic issues and national security, but it will address all

If this is you, the Pro American Party will provide an improved quality of life

issues that affect the lives and the quality of life of our citizens.  Recognizing that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have made it clear by their actions and rhetoric that the good of our Country and its citizenry is far less important than their ideologies and special interests, the Pro American Party is formed to protect our country and citizens now and into the future, based on the tenets found on this blog now and over the course of time.

If this is you, the Pro American Party will provide new opportunities and economic stability, perhaps for the first time ever.

If you have policy suggestions or ideas about future posts please contact us at ProAmericanParty@gmail.com