Supreme Court Hypocricy by Congress

President Obama has just nominated Chief Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy of Antonin Scalia who died a little over a month ago.

Unfortunately for Garland, unless the Scalia family themselves were to interject themselves into the process and ask that Garland get a vote, it is almost certain that a vote will not occur.

Once again this shows how both Republicans and Democrats ignore their duty in the face of political ends.   We, the American citizenry, and our constitution are the ones that pay the price.

In this instance the Republicans are the bad guys.   However, they are simply following actions that the Democrats have made in years past.   If interested, please look at the following links.   These links show that both sides are hypocrites and have no values that can’t be thrown away for temporary political advantage.

Of note, it was the “Thurmond” rule in 2008 and now it is the “Biden” rule in 2016.

Here is yet another, more in depth explanation of the issues.

Here are the Democrats doing the same thing.

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