Tenet #5

The budget of the United States shall be established in five year increments. The budget of the United States shall be balanced. Persons making less than $25,000 per year shall not be subject to federal income tax. (Note:  the same Social Security formula  mentioned in previous tenets will be used to determine the total amount a citizen will be allowed to make before paying taxes.   In essence, as the cost of living goes up, the more money that can be made before taxes kick in.)  Taxes for citizens making more than $25,000 a year shall be taxed at a progressively higher rate as their income rises. Tax rates will rise in taxable increments of $25,000.   Congress will set the tax rate based on their five year budget and the rate will include a 7% emergency fund over the agreed upon budget. If, at the end of five years, the fund goes unused, 20 % of the surplus will be returned to the citizenry each year that the fund goes unused in the same percentage as they were taxed.

There are three fundamental differences between this budget method and the current budget method.  First, the budget must be balanced.  Second, although the tax rate will increase as income increases, it will be the same, incrementally,  for everyone as they go through the various tax brackets.  It follows below:

0 – $25K  =  no tax

25K – 50K =  15 percent – but only on the amount over 25K (the first 25K is not taxed)

50K – 75K = mixed – no tax on first 25K, 15 percent for 2nd increment, 17 percent for 3rd increment

In essence the tax rate will rise 2 percent every 25K until it reaches a maximum rate of 50 percent.

This is different from the current method because currently the brackets are designed completely differently and once you are in a particular bracket you pay a tax based on the entire amount you make,  not the incremental approach taken here.

Third, because the budget must be balanced the tax rate will be flexible.  When the 5 year budget is determined, the tax rate for those 5 years will be based on that budget.   This will certainly put pressure on lawmakers to limit the size of the budget, but requirements from other tenets will prevent lawmakers from harming the poor in order to save the rich money.

If unexpected emergencies require expenditures beyond the ability of the emergency fund,  a temporary surplus tax will be necessary to again balance the budget.

One of the other expectations of this style of budget is that it will greatly limit the number of wars we engage in because we will all pay for it in real time.   The current method of ‘borrowing’ money for wars allow us to ignore the reality that sooner or later the bill comes due.



Tenet #4

The Pro American Party believes it is in our national interest to be able to produce, in-country, all goods currently imported into the United States. Any product sold in the U.S. for which over 50% of the product component is imported is eligible to be designated as a product of national importance. Once such a designation is made, low cost loans shall be made available by the government to certified businesses and entrepreneurs to produce the designated product in the United States so that U.S. production capability is increased to a minimum of 50% of total sales. Certification in particular areas would be granted by meeting required qualification standards for the industry in question. In certain circumstances this may be impossible. In such instances the Congress is authorized to make exceptions as necessary.
Tariffs, if necessary, shall be imposed by the Congress on all imported goods to ensure American made products are competitive. When determining the amount of the tariff the Congress should review the work standards and wages of the country of origin as part of the tariff determination process.

It is our hope and belief that this tenet will open the door to bringing manufacturing back to the United States.   In the past manufacturing jobs were responsible for creating much of the middle class.   The last several trade agreements have not been in the best interests of Americans, and as a result we lost millions of manufacturing jobs.  We intend to bring them back!

Tenet #3

While recognizing that there is room for legitimate debate among subject matter experts, this party believes in the scientific method as the most appropriate way to determine the facts in any area of dispute.

The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. Scientists use the scientific method to search for cause and effect relationships in nature. In other words, they design an experiment so that changes to one item cause something else to vary in a predictable way.

The following comes from Science Buddies dot org:


  • The scientific method is a way to ask and answer scientific questions by making observations and doing experiments.
  • The steps of the scientific method are to:
    • Ask a Question
    • Do Background Research
    • Construct a Hypothesis
    • Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
    • Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
    • Communicate Your Results

It is important for your experiment to be a fair test. A “fair test” occurs when you change only one factor (variable) and keep all other conditions the same.

At If I Had The Power we reject the idea that the conclusions people make are equally valid regardless of how those conclusions were reached.  We don’t want those that yell the loudest to win the contest, we prefer facts and a way to validate those facts.


Tenet #2

The Pro American Party endorses the idea that having a working population is in the best interests of our country. We also support the idea of active citizenship and believe everyone needs to do their fair share.  (Active citizenship will be discussed in future posts.)

In our view it is not in the best interests of the country for one segment of society to support the other in the form of welfare.   Corporate welfare is therefore abolished immediately.   Support for corporations will come in the form of a reduced tax rate should they abide by the tenets of this platform.   In addition, American corporations may, if they choose, ask for specific help from the government as needed, provided that assistance shall directly benefit American workers in the form of greater employment and/or higher wages.

Welfare or other assistance for the needy shall be abolished for all but the most severely disabled and replaced with a government program that guarantees all adult persons not in school an opportunity to work full-time in their community. The wage for this work should be $12 an hour, with child care benefits and health care included at no cost. Yearly wage adjustments should be based on the same formula as social security increases/decreases. If a person is able to work, but chooses not to, he/she will not receive a wage or government benefits. Workers will pay into social security and receive social security benefits at retirement, but no other pension plan will be provided.  Of note,  the government shall provide suitable employment to the disabled, should their disability be able to be reasonably accommodated as specified in the ADA.  It is noted that all workers must perform their work according to accepted and approved standards or risk losing this benefit.

The intent of this program is to ensure that all Americans can find work immediately if they lose employment in the private sector; such employment would remain available to each person until a new private sector job can be secured. The type of work that recipients perform would depend on the needs of the local, state and federal governments, who will decide what services are needed in their respective jurisdictions.   The Department of Labor will coordinate this effort, and will assist state and local entities in developing work programs that meet federal requirements.  As a result of this program, all other assistance programs will be eliminated as there will be no need for them.

Local businesses are eligible to use persons in this program for temporary workers. They would reimburse the program $25 per hour for every person provided, but the individual would continue to receive their normal wage and program health/child care benefits from the DOL. The costs of this program would also rise/fall using the aforementioned formula.

Students who are at least age 18 and attending a college, junior college or technical school may work up to 20 hours week.  They will also be eligible for health and child care benefits.

This tenet is designed to ensure all Americans can find work should they choose.   In addition, this tenet will require corporations to pay a competitive wage, because they will not get workers if they do not meet or exceed the government program.   This tenet will also eliminate the ability of businesses to reduce wage/benefit/hours worked that harm American families.   It should also be noted that having full employment will reduce social friction, crime and discrimination.   There will no longer be one segment of society giving to another, as all persons will earn their wages with their labor.

The wage for a person working full-time would be $24,960 per year.   This means that a household supported by only one wage earner would not be subject to federal income tax.  Specific tax rates will be discussed in a future post.

Tenet #1

The following is the first tenet of the Pro American Party.

International corporations and businesses exist to make a profit and thus take whatever actions are necessary to ensure their self-interest, regardless of the negative impact on American workers, the economy or the environment.

The Pro American Party believes it is in the best interests of the country to ensure that businesses that make a profit from our citizens, employ Americans. The Pro American Party believes that all businesses should be required to employ a percentage of Americans in their work force that is equal to their percentage of American sales. So, if a business sells 100% of their product or service to Americans, 100% of their employees shall be Americans. If their percentage of global sales is 50% to Americans, 50% of their employees and total salary expense, at minimum, must go to Americans.

Businesses that follow this model shall pay a lower federal income tax rate of 10%  as long as they adhere to this and all other tenets; those that fail to follow this model shall be taxed at an increasingly punitive rate based on the degree of their misconduct.

It is our belief and the goal of this tenet is to bring jobs that Americans pay for back to the United States.  The lower tax rate is an incentive for companies to adhere to this tenet and the increased tax rates remain an option to punish companies that do not serve the best interests of our country.

Although not specifically stated in this tenet, future tenets will address the way corporations use natural resources and protect the environment.   The manner in which they safeguard our citizens and resources will determine if they are eligible for the 10% rate or subject to the punitive rates.




Pro American Party

I know, I have just written about the negatives of political parties with the George Washington quote.   However, given our current political structure, I don’t see another way to proceed.   Perhaps we should be called Independents of the Pro American persuasion.  If you think of a better name, or a better structure, please help.

In the meantime the platform of the Pro American Party is designed to foster political ideas that support the best interests of the overwhelming majority of Americans. The focus of this party is on economic issues and national security, but it will address all issues that affect our quality of life. Recognizing that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have made it clear by their actions and rhetoric that the good of our Country and its citizenry is far less important than their ideologies and special interests, the Pro American Party is formed to protect our country and citizens now and into the future.
Purpose of Government:

The highest purpose of government is to protect its citizens. Within the Pro American Party we believe in a government that not only protects us from foreign powers, but also from corporations and any other entities that have resources and means beyond those of the average citizen that, if unchecked, may act in ways that are not in the best interests of our citizens.

The Pro American Party wants the government to be as small as possible, but large enough to do the work necessary to safeguard our sovereignty.   We believe we have a responsibility to future generations to safeguard our human and natural resources. Our government will be designed to ensure these resources are protected now and into the future.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are welfare parties.   The Democrats give to the poor and the Republicans give to the wealthy via corporate welfare.   This party will require that everyone earns what they get…but unlike other parties, we will create the structure that allows all to be successful when they act responsibly.

The tenets of the Pro American Party will follow, but if after reading them you think we need to add one or more, please submit your idea.