Tenet #1

The following is the first tenet of the Pro American Party.

International corporations and businesses exist to make a profit and thus take whatever actions are necessary to ensure their self-interest, regardless of the negative impact on American workers, the economy or the environment.

The Pro American Party believes it is in the best interests of the country to ensure that businesses that make a profit from our citizens, employ Americans. The Pro American Party believes that all businesses should be required to employ a percentage of Americans in their work force that is equal to their percentage of American sales. So, if a business sells 100% of their product or service to Americans, 100% of their employees shall be Americans. If their percentage of global sales is 50% to Americans, 50% of their employees and total salary expense, at minimum, must go to Americans.

Businesses that follow this model shall pay a lower federal income tax rate of 10%  as long as they adhere to this and all other tenets; those that fail to follow this model shall be taxed at an increasingly punitive rate based on the degree of their misconduct.

It is our belief and the goal of this tenet is to bring jobs that Americans pay for back to the United States.  The lower tax rate is an incentive for companies to adhere to this tenet and the increased tax rates remain an option to punish companies that do not serve the best interests of our country.

Although not specifically stated in this tenet, future tenets will address the way corporations use natural resources and protect the environment.   The manner in which they safeguard our citizens and resources will determine if they are eligible for the 10% rate or subject to the punitive rates.




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