Social Stratification and Capitalism

Social stratification describes the social position of persons in society.    In our society we categorize people into rankings based on factors like wealth, income, social status, occupation and power. In the U.S.stratification, in its simplest form, refers to upper class, middle class, and lower class.

Although stratification is found in all developed countries, it has run amok in the United States.    We, as a society, have become so separated that we have forgotten that each of us has individual worth and contributes to the whole.   E pluribus unum, the motto of our country, seems to have been forgotten of late.   To me this is a serious issue and one that I address in the tenets to come.

Capitalism is Good???

Capitalism is a tested economic strategy with many advantages.   Our country has developed under the auspices of this economic model. We have become the world power, in part because of this system.  However we do need to recognize the tensions that exist with capitalism in a democratic society.   By definition, a democracy is designed to give everyone a voice, while capitalism only gives voice to the rich and powerful.   Because of this tension, strong government with democratic values is required to keep rein on the abuses capable in unchecked capitalism.

One of the biggest problems with capitalism is that it causes us to completely lose our values in favor of money.   This abuse has disrupted more traditional and meaningful human interaction and crushes diverse cultures under its weight.   Our worth is determined by our bank accounts, at a time when society would be better off if worth was determined by an individual’s contribution to society.

Capitalism encourages greed, over-consumption and rampant consumerism.  In my younger days I was a willing cog in the capitalism machine.   I moved my entire family, multiple times, in pursuit of a better job with more money, more prestige and a nicer car.  It is only in retrospect that I regret my actions and wish to at least warn others that this is a false pursuit and does not result in real happiness.

What problems does capitalism create?

(The following paragraph is from an unknown author, but I include it because it is on target and succinct.) Under capitalism, the profit motive is supreme. Mathematics replace morality in the sense that profitable activity thrives and all other activity is suppressed. Problems arise from activities which are financially productive but socially destructive. Love is fundamental to human welfare and yet, because it leads to activity such as sharing, caring and giving away, it runs counter to economic ‘progress’, so those activities which promote love are discouraged, while those which discourage it are promoted. The capitalist system rewards selfishness but punishes altruism.

In light of the problems discussed I have developed tenets for the Pro American Party that create a new value system, one that promotes unity in our country.   I would ask that you look at tenets #7 and 11 when they are published to see how I address these issues.

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