U.S. Military ≠ Foreign Policy

military bases worldwide

The Pro American Party believes our military needs to be the best in the world.   Comprised of many former military members, we love and respect our brothers and sisters at arms.  It will come as no surprise to those that serve, however, that we recognize the horrors of war and the physical and emotional destruction of which war is capable.   Further, we believe it is not in the best interests of the country to have a ‘military class’.   If there has to be a war, be believe every family should be equally subject to this danger.   In our view it is disgraceful that Congress can declare war, endangering our children in one instant, and then make sure their children are exempt in the next.  (More on this in future tenets.)

We believe our foreign policy should be weighted in favor of providing non-military assistance as a primary component of our foreign policy. The use of our military should be a last resort and only for clear and limited purpose that is the best interests of the vast majority of citizens and not of the elite or special interests.

Educational and cultural exchange opportunities should be encouraged for citizens and at all levels of government.  Contact and communication facilitate understanding, empathy and a more knowledgeable world view.   If millions of Americans had direct experience with countries around the globe we, as a nation, would be able to require more of our politicians.   As it is now, if an international event didn’t happen on Game of Thrones, most of us are probably  unaware of it.

The Pro American Party believes that cartons of food that say “USA” show more good will than military options and should be pursued when advantageous. When American goods are sent to a foreign country it is incumbent upon the State Department to devise a method for ensuring those goods are actually delivered to the people of the country and not simply to those in power.   Our people would be even better ambassadors than our products.   The PAP has a plan for creating these ambassadors that will be discussed in a future tenet.

Per our previous post requiring a balanced budget: Should it be necessary for the military to engage in war the Congress is authorized to collect an additional tax to pay for this expense.