Tenet #4

The Pro American Party believes it is in our national interest to be able to produce, in-country, all goods currently imported into the United States. Any product sold in the U.S. for which over 50% of the product component is imported is eligible to be designated as a product of national importance. Once such a designation is made, low cost loans shall be made available by the government to certified businesses and entrepreneurs to produce the designated product in the United States so that U.S. production capability is increased to a minimum of 50% of total sales. Certification in particular areas would be granted by meeting required qualification standards for the industry in question. In certain circumstances this may be impossible. In such instances the Congress is authorized to make exceptions as necessary.
Tariffs, if necessary, shall be imposed by the Congress on all imported goods to ensure American made products are competitive. When determining the amount of the tariff the Congress should review the work standards and wages of the country of origin as part of the tariff determination process.

It is our hope and belief that this tenet will open the door to bringing manufacturing back to the United States.   In the past manufacturing jobs were responsible for creating much of the middle class.   The last several trade agreements have not been in the best interests of Americans, and as a result we lost millions of manufacturing jobs.  We intend to bring them back!