Congress – Please Tell Us The Truth – Tenet #8


Congress McConnell

The Pro American Party – Tenet #8

The Congress shall not pass any law with a title that does not include the actual purpose of the law. Duplicitous language shall not be allowed. The first paragraph of each law shall outline in direct language the intent of the law. (It would be illegal, for example, to title something as “The Clean Air Act” if it actually reduced protections against pollution.)

non partisan

The Congress will create a non-partisan group to examine the law prior to its being voted upon and publish an impact statement easily available to the public that outlines how the law will affect citizens, government and/or the environment. The public will have at least 15 days to review and comment to their representatives before any law can be enacted.

This requirement can be suspended only in the course of a national emergency.   In such a case the Congress needs to specifically invoke this exception and in that case the law will be reviewed when the emergency has ended.