What can rich Americans do to help our country?

level playing field

Several of the tenets of the Pro American Party are aimed at leveling the playing field for all Americans, especially the poor.   In this respect, those with great wealth have been asked to contribute more so that we can change the basic structure of our society.   This change is necessary to allow us, as a country, to create a ‘floor’ below which no Americans can fall.  It is our belief that this change of structure will do more than just help the poor.  It will also help the rich, especially those with long-term views of the needs of society.

The current economic structure is, and has been, increasing the wealth of the 1% at the expense of the rest of us.   As this gap continues to grow it will undoubtedly cause an increase in tensions between the haves and have nots.   Sooner or later, if history can serve as a guide, this will cause a call to arms.

However, this need not be so.

poor is richIt is our belief that the huge majority of Americans are, and would be content, living a life without wealth.   Once basic needs are met most of us turn to other concerns.   The constant pursuit of wealth is not a goal for the great majority of us.   Likewise, having to worry about the motives of everyone we meet is a strain and drain on our quality of life that most of us are happy we can avoid.  Many of us are content to allow the rich to continue their endless pursuit of more wealth, while we pursue a higher quality of life that is not dependent on wealth.

Still, there is a way for the rich to help the country.   Although there are many avenues that could be pursued in this regard, in this article we will focus on non-profits.

rich ceoOne of the biggest disgraces of many non-profits is that the CEOs enrich themselves at the expense of those they are supposed to be serving.   Perhaps many of these CEOs are simply at that point in their lives in which making money for themselves is more important than the cause they are supposedly leading.   In any case, this is an area in which those who have already made their millions or billions can make a positive impact on the lives of ordinary Americans.   And at the same time find a way to give back to their country in a meaningful way, one that establishes for them a reputation for caring…a way to leave a lasting legacy.

leadershipOur suggestion is that those who want to leave a positive impact and lasting legacy lead the non-profit of their choice without compensation.  This would be a selfless act that would allow more of the monies raised by the non-profit to go towards the use for which it was originally intended.  Please do not read into this suggestion as meaning that only the rich can show leadership…no such claim is being made.  Instead the status of being ‘rich’ simply allows a person to work without compensation if they so choose.  Those who choose to take such a path might find new meaning and purpose in their own lives, one that is not measured by the size of its paycheck.

Perhaps it is pie in the sky, but over the long term our hope is that such a change would cause all Americans of means to choose to find a way to make a difference that improves life for all.